Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response 2019-05-28T05:01:16+00:00

Do you need an automated, interactive call-handling system? Du Pont provides you access to the largest, independent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Platform in the industry, designed to handle large volumes of incoming calls.

Advantages offered by IVR:

An IVR can help you rapidly improve your customer service:
Your services become available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• You can screen customers’ needs, and route them to the appropriate channel, i.e. either to an automated voice response or to an operator.
• Reduce queues of calls, by dealing with simpler queries via pre-recorded voice and freeing up your operators to deal with more complicated queries.
• Database Integration: IVR infrastructure enables callers’ information to be stored to databases to support easy reporting.
• IVR applications: We have customized our IVR applications to support Voting, Dedications and Requests, Competition Entries, Caller Filtering Systems, Information Applications and Auction Applications.

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