Ask Du Pont Telecom about the best telecommunication solution for you

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Do you have a specific question? We have answers for you – right away.

What alternatives do I have to a traditional landline?
Du Pont offers wireless applications, cellular solutions and the full range of Neotel solutions.
How do I reduce my business’ telephone bills?
Du Pont Telecom evaluates your telephony usage and, because we are independent, designs the most resourceful and value-adding business solution for you.
How can I save?
One of the best methods is to take advantage of the optimum call rates available.
That means routing your calls over the best networks.
So, fixed lines are routed on the fixed line network, and cellular calls are routed directly onto the most appropriate cellular network.
Does VOIP really work?
Yes. VOIP technology is used globally and in South Africa.
Can you connect Neotel to my PABX?
Yes. By attaching a router to your switchboard, we direct your calls to the Neotel network.
How do I prevent telephony abuse?
Du Pont Telecom offers several solutions.
First, a telephone management system will enable you to detect abuse.
Second, Du Pont can block specific numbers or a range of numbers on your PABX or your Least Cost Routing (LCR) solution.
Third, Du Pont can monitor your usage with an outsourced telephone management system. This system can also be fixed in-house for personal management.
How can I get free inter-branch calls?
Free inter-branch calls are enabled via VOIP. Branches can also be connected using the Teles equipment supplied by Du Pont.
What is the best PABX for me?
Because we are independent and offer a needs-based telephony audit, we will recommend the most appropriate combination of PABX hardware, software and peripheral services to suit your needs.
What makes Du Pont Telecom’s service different?
Du Pont’s entire approach is different; we find a solution that matches your requirements and delivers the results you desire – rather than simply selling you a product.
Can you link PBXs internationally?
Yes. Du Pont can link your PBX to any international destination – and, at a cheaper rate than Telkom.
Does Du Pont Telecom sell outside of SA?
Yes. Du Pont has been conducting business in Sub-Saharan Africa for over a decade.
Can I get voice and data on the same device?
Yes. Du Pont offers this through a Neotel solution (if you are in a Neotel coverage area) or through the ITS Connecto solution which offers 5 services in one. Connecto is a robust, affordable, all-in-one device that incorporates your PBX, fax, data router, firewall, modem and a least cost router.
Can I get voice and data on the same platform?
Yes. We can install a PBX and network server on one platform. This converged solution is simple and cost-effective.
What is the cheapest way to provide voice and data to a small business?
Connecto or a VOIP box are specifically designed for small businesses. They are affordable and offer multiple services for a small outlay.
Are your products ICASA approved?
Yes. All products available from Du Pont Telecom have been approved by ICASA..
Do you offer onsite consultations?
Yes. One of our sales consultants will gladly meet you at your premises for an evaluation.
How long has Du Pont been in business?
Du Pont has been conducting business across Africa for over a decade and has been operating in South Africa since 1999. We have grown from a start-up to a company with more than 5 000 customers. We operate multiple contracts with multiple providers. Meet our first-class trade partners.
How many people does Du Pont employ?
We employ over 60 staff members in our Johannesburg office alone with additional representatives in other national offices and in key African countries.
Does Du Pont offer technical support?
Yes. Du Pont Telecom offers technical support across the entire range of products and solutions that we sell.
We have a dedicated support desk that operates 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Our support policy is to offer a 24-hour turnaround time for a technician to investigate the ticket reported, onsite.
This team of technicians is our own resource.
Contact our support desk at
Does Du Pont have a national footprint?
Yes. Du Pont operates nationwide.
What is Du Pont’s returns policy?
We operate on a strict seven-day return policy.
You need to contact our support desk to complete a ticket. Or, register your feedback on or by calling 011 919 5550.
Does Du Pont do their installations?
Yes. Du Pont Telecom has a team of engineers who do all of our installations. And, we take full responsibility for everything that we install and operate.
What will my average savings be?
This depends on your usage and your requirements. Our baseline savings are 35% or more.
Can you send me your price list?
Price lists are available at Du Pont dealers. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact
Customer price lists are not available on our website as the Du Pont approach is based on creating a solution unique to you and your bottom line.
Who is TELES?
TELES provides Next Generation Network Solutions to the world’s most progressive network service providers.
As leaders and innovators, they look back on an impressive 25-year track record, In this time, more than 200 carrier and service provider networks – and millions of voice ports – have been deployed.
A Deutsche Boerse Prime Standard listed company with headquarters in Berlin, TELES is a global NGN player with an unmatched research and development commitment.