Hosted PBX

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A Hosted PBX Solution is an outsourced model, better suited to businesses who do not wish to make a capital investment in owning a telephony system. Getting professional phone system features at an affordable price is now a reality for all companies. In contrast to a premises-based PBX phone system, a hosted PBX, means that state-of-the-art equipment and technology is located, owned, and managed off-premises by Du Pont and leased to the customer. This eliminates purchasing, installing, and managing a full-featured IP or traditional PBX phone system.

Du Pont’s PBX is based on VoIP and delivers a combination of cost-effectiveness, scalability, and robust features. With a hosted PBX companies can streamline communications, improve customer responsiveness, and increase employee productivity while reducing overall telephony costs.

Your business does not have to worry about operating, maintaining or upgrading their PBX or voice network to support VoIP. It really offers the best of both worlds by being a cost effective way of getting PBX-calibre features without the risk or challenges of managing your network.


The benefits below are additive to what VoIP brings on its own. It is the combined set of benefits that leads us to conclude that hosted VoIP is an ideal solution for businesses looking to move beyond conventional telephony.

  • No capital expenditure: no capital upfront is required and you are not locked into an asset with a long duration cycle
  • Ideal for multiple locations: Hosted VoIP is very flexible and supports branch offices, remote workers and new sites as your business expands.
  • Business continuity: Hosted supports the 24/7, mobile, on the road realities of today’s business world. Business continuity is a core element of hosted, as the network services are housed in rock solid data centres. This also includes disaster recovery, a capability that no premises–based system can provide.
  • Reliable service – regardless of how busy your phone lines get, a hosted solution always works. You will always get a dial tone and your customers will never get a busy signal.
  • Future-proof: VoIP is still relatively new technology, and we are just beginning to see what is possible. With hosted VoIP, you will always have the latest features and services, and will never need to worry about implementing them with your telephone system. For the first time, micro businesses have a solution not only to match what bigger competitors can do today, but to keep pace as technology advances.


With Du Pont’s PBX, companies can start with a small number of extensions and grow to any size, without phone system constraints or hardware upgrades. This makes managing growth in a hosted environment much easier than with an on-premises system. Plus, there is no need to track line cards and trunk cards, or maintain extra capacity.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership:

The start-up costs for Du Pont’s PBX are significantly lower than purchasing a traditional or IP PBX. A hosted PBX smoothes out cash flow requirements and frees up cash in the first year for other needs. Du Pont’s PBX provides ongoing savings with unlimited local and long distance calling or flat rate pricing.

Virtual Companies/Geographical Freedom:

Du Pont’s PBX can route calls to any employee, but unlike a hardware PBX system, employees don’t have to be at an office phone to receive calls. Employees or sub-contractors can telecommute, taking calls on cell phones or home lines. The Follow-Me feature allows calls to be easily forwarded to cell phones or other alternate locations, enabling a completely virtual company and reducing office overhead expenses.

Maintenance and Upgrades:

With a hosted PBX from Du Pont, there is no hardware or technology to maintain on premises: all day-to-day operations and maintenance of the PBX is performed by Du Pont. Companies also gain access to the latest technology automatically, with all upgrades handled by Du Pont. Du Pont’s PBX offers 24×7 management and monitoring at no extra charge to ensure the smooth operation of its customers’ phone communications.