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Using your PBX “audio on hold” messaging to increase sales with help from Du Pont

In these tough times are you missing a sales opportunity? What do your callers hear when they are put on hold?

Make sure callers to your business hear the right thing, Du Pont can assist you in promoting your products and services and cross sell to your customers by designing a program increase your sales and profits. Use an audio on hold messaging facility to drive

Did you know:

• Most calls are put on hold after the caller is connected to the person they want to speak to.
• The average call is put on hold twice
• Average hold time is 54 seconds
• … and after 45 seconds of being on hold with no audio sound, most callers forget who they called!

You are talking to a captive audience, the client has already called you, so you need to maximize the opportunity. Instead of music on hold, tell them about your new products and services.

How does Audio on Hold work?

This is a value add on to your PBX. We place a device on to your PBX which plays an audio track to all callers placed on hold. This device is managed remotely and the audio track can be changed as often as required.

Key Benefits

• Design the exact message you would like your customers to hear
• Change it as often as you would like
• Promote new services to cross sell to your customers
• Tell them about your operating hours and services offered

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