A suite of Access Control Solutions that work well together

A suite of Access Control Solutions that work well together 2021-04-12T19:54:05+00:00

Get Access Control and Time-Attendance Systems and Video Surveillance Systems from Du Pont Telecom.

Range of access control solutions

We now offer:

  • Palm vein, Fingerprint, RFID and PIN based attendance marking
  • Biometric devices for access control, providing security for sensitive areas restricting the access of unauthorised users
  • Powerful proactive fire alarm equipment with continuous environmental monitoring
  • Industrial grade digital video surveillance cameras
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Multi-location solutions

This range of Access Control Solutions, adds to the suite of office automation, voice and data communication solutions that Du Pont Telecom already provides across South Africa.

Time and Attendance

Du Pont Telecom offers an automatic attendance marking system which records attendance data and generates reports to enable management to take further actions. It saves administrative costs and enables central management of attendance policies across multiple locations. The solution comprises hardware and software elements for employee appraisals and monthly salary calculations. Automated calculation of overtime and leave balance is included. Its standalone or network based operation is ideal for all sizes of businesses.

Access Control

Access control from Du Pont enables organisations to have controllable security for their employees and infrastructure. Configurable on an individual basis, it decides user entry based on who is allowed, when and where. Access based on palm veins, fingerprint, RFID card, PIN and combinations of all these credentials plus many advanced features ensure full-proof security for the organisation. Its standalone or network based operation makes an ideal access control option for small to large enterprises and many more.

Surveillance Solutions

Security is a major concern worldwide. Moreover, the alarming rate of increase of illegal activities has made organizations conscious about the safety and security of its employees, possessions and property. Enterprises are banking on video surveillance to deter any occurrence of prohibited activities. In addition to this, companies rely on video surveillance to keep a watch over their workplaces so that each task is carried out properly and efficiently. Thus, in recent times, enterprises bank on video surveillance for productivity and efficiency enhancement in addition to fulfilling security needs.

Du Pont Telecom offers a range of Industrial grade NVRs, DVRs and Analog Cameras to cater to the video surveillance challenges faced by any kind of organization. Build incorporating the latest technology, this range of products helps in smart recording and simplified but detailed monitoring. They also assist in quick detection of events with prompt alerts along with rapid and efficient searching of events for analyzing. These high performing NVRs and DVRs allow remote and centralized management of multiple locations making them highly suitable for enterprises organizations.


In creating this set of access control security solutions, Du Pont Telecom sought partners who are global leaders in their fields of Telecom and Access Control solutions for modern businesses and enterprises. We have selected partners who we find to be ideally suited for Du Pont as their product range complements our solutions. That is a combination of hardware and software solutions covering IP-PBX, Gateways (Universal, VoIP, GSM) and Terminals, Access Control, Time-Attendance Systems and Video Surveillance Systems. We ensure that these products enable us to offer solutions that are reliable, feature-rich and compliant with international standards.

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