Du Pont Telecom : Leading South African provider of telecoms data services.

Du Pont Telecom : Leading South African provider of telecoms data services. 2019-05-15T06:43:28+00:00

Du Pont Data Services

Save with our specially designed data packages – created from an evaluation of your data needs and use – where sustainability is key and your bottom line is the decider.

Du Pont is a data service provider that powers your business with efficiency, value and reliability. Corporate Internet APN with value-adding billing; reliable and high-performance physical links;data and voice mobile services on your chosen network; and hosted Blackberry, email and exchange solutions for your business –a large corporate, small office or residential premise.

Du Pont Services

Du Pont offers a range of Cloud-based services, Internet Access options, managed networks and more. Select the service of your choice from the menu shown on the right hand side of this page to find out more.

Du Pont Benefits

• An onsite analysis of your current physical and web connectivity
• Installation of all technical equipment by our Du Pont technical team
• Cheaper and faster Internet
• Premium Teles equipment and international mobile brands
• Cheaper call rates than available directly through Telkom and cellular networks
• Cutting-edge hosting technology
• A national network of agents to service your telephony solution
• A 24-hour turnaround for an onsite technician
• A dedicated support desk that operates 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday

Corporate Internet APN

Du Pont Telecom offers corporate customers a virtual extension of their local-area network (LAN) by allowing access to the LAN from outside the office. So, you can connect to your information and normal services via GPRS or 3G-enabled devices like laptops, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) or mobiles.

The key to this mobile connectivity is the access-point name or, APN – the unique connectivity address for select individuals’ use. We will establish your unique Access Point Name (APN) and register your authorised individuals.

Internet APN Bundles

Via our network, your staff can connect to the internet. And, reverse billing gives you a single bundle for multiple users.

Physical Links

The integrity of the information being carried digitally – between sites over a wide-area network, and on the internet – relies heavily on the underlying physical.

Because of this, Du Pont Telecom offers a variety of physical link solutions; these can be delivered over fixed or wireless infrastructure. Designed to incorporate different technologies such as fixed fiber-optic links, our physical link service provides optimum performance and unwavering reliability to the more flexible, point-to-point wireless microwave links.

Internet Access

In creating a holistic internet solution for your business, Du Pont Telecom evaluates what you need from your:

• Physical link
• Performance
• Point-to-point data connection (reliability and cost)
• Internet access solution used
• Underlying technology

Your web solution requires specificity and flexibility to ensure best possible returns. So, we offer two internet access categories:
1. uncapped,
2. and usage-based.

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