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Who we are

Headquartered in Johannesburg, Du Pont Telecom is a full-service telecommunication company that provides superior connectivity in data, voice and network infrastructure. We service corporates and owner-managed companies, consulting throughout South Africa.

Offering PBX solutions, video conferencing, mobile business contracts, VOIP technology, Least Cost Routing (LCR) and expense management, we deliver an end-to-end suite of telephony services – nationwide. All tailored to your needs and budget.

Du Pont deals in communications expertise and premium telecoms equipment.

What we do

We work with the big stuff and the small stuff: everything from free fax2email, cheaper mobile contracts, telephony audits, wireless APN connection, 3g router installation, low-cost convergence, number porting to call centre solutions. And more.

Who we work for

Du Pont Telecom’s expertise allows us to cater for corporate clients and owner-managed businesses. All our products are approved by the Information Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) and are aligned with international best practice.

The Du Pont difference

What makes us distinctive from any communication service provider is our holistic approach. It’s designed to give you the best results. At a price you can afford.

Value-adding, sustainable and integrated solutions are our specialty.

Our holistic approach

Du Pont Telecom’s strategy for measurable yardsticks of success:

1. Identify
We carefully analyse your needs with a comprehensive telephony audit, determining what telecommunication resources and services can help you.

2. Communicate
We explain market trends, product features, brand values and technical developments while systematically communicating your options.

3. Solve
We design a personal solution that delivers operational savings, uses existing infrastructure, intelligent routing and technology with convergence capabilities that will grow with your needs. A solution for your future.

4. Grow
We offer on-going maintenance from our technical division, with onsite support, available countrywide, across the full range of our products. Sustainable telecoms solutions that support your growth are our forte.

Simply, Du Pont is uniquely positioned to provide, install, test and maintain any combination of communication service as an all-inclusive solution.
As a leading telecommunication company, the future of telecoms is our business.
Please contact us with a question about our services or, for any assistance. We want to work with you.


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