Data Services Managed Networks

Data Services Managed Networks 2015-02-09T06:55:49+00:00

Managed Networks

By terminating physical links – and using virtual private and secure network (VPN) technologies like multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) to ensure traffic routes to your branch – you save. And we can help implement these managed services. You can host your infrastructure with Du Pont, use your own private data-center or a combination.

The same is achieved with a wireless or ADSL backup, and by allowing remote workers to connect securely to your corporate network.

Our managed network offerings include:
VPN/MPLS Networks
• Network Management
• Network Monitoring
• Network Analysis

Managed Services

With rapid technological advancement, a growing number of applications are more reliable and cost effective when managed by specialist third parties. This means that you reduce in-house infrastructure and the staff required to access those applications. Plus, you save by out-sourcing with us. For customers wanting control of their applications, with the benefits of first-class infrastructure, our solution is the answer.