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Leased Line, Wireless & Fibre Internet Access – Uncapped Premium

Du Pont Telecom provides a range of fixed line, wireless and fibre solutions to connect the client to the Internet. The client is linked into one of the Du Pont Data Centres where they have direct access to the Du Pont high speed internet backbone. This solution requires you to install a Telkom Diginet Leased Line Circuit, a MetroNet Wireless Circuit, an Du Pont Wireless circuit or a Fibre Link. The Platinum product has the highest priority on the Du Pont network and will result in a better experience with higher consistent throughput and lower latency.

Leased Line, Wireless, Fibre & Channel Bonding Internet Access – Usage Based Premium

For internet connectivity, Du Pont’s Internet Access services route traffic across the Du Pont high speed internet backbone which ensures that customers are able to realise the full potential of the internet. Du Pont’s bandwidth utilisation is continually managed and upgraded to ensure capacity is available to cater for customer demand.

Du Pont Telecom offers a usage model for internet access where you purchase a link into the Du Pont Data Centre and then pay for the traffic traversing that link to the internet. Two options are available with the Platinum service receiving the highest priority on the Du Pont network which will mean higher throughput and lower latencies when compared to the Gold service. The Platinum service also has a fixed per GB rate for both in and out of bundle usage for bundles above 500GB.

ADSL Internet Access – Uncapped

Du Pont ADSL gives you an uncapped solution for your internet connectivity at a fixed price. The services all route across fibre internationally.

Du Pont ADSL solutions generally include a Fixed IP address which is allocated to the Ethernet interface on the router, which in turn is then available to allocate to a specific device on the customer’s network. DU Pont recommends the use of a firewall together with this to ensure adequate access protection. Du Pont can provide a range of managed firewall options should the client require this service.

ADSL Internet Access – Capped

Capped based ADSL is perfect for users requiring a specific amount of bandwidth each month but with the added benefit of being able to exceed the monthly contracted amount whenever the need arises. Usage based ADSL customers also get priority on the network over the Uncapped ADSL customers with the result being a better end user experience.

The system can send daily notifications reflecting usage or notifications only when a threshold is reached.