BizSat Satellite Solutions

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BizSat is the ideal solution for clients living or working in remote, under-developed or under-serviced areas with limited or zero internet connectivity. It offers the opportunity for affordable, broadband internet connectivity.

Many rural communities can now finally have access to the Internet for the very first time and this is due to BizSat – Du Pont Telecom’s satellite-based broadband internet that delivers ubiquitous coverage.

An additional VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony service is offered to meet your communication needs.

By using the New Dawn Satellite, we can now provide speeds that are on par with typical urban offerings and previously unfeasible within these areas – 256/4096 kbps for upload/download.

In order to meet all the vast telecommunication needs of clients, we also offer VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony services utilising BizSat.

The only additional equipment needed – apart from that required for any conventional broadband Internet connectivity or VoIP telephony solution – is a one-metre satellite dish.

Benefits of BizSat

  • Homes and small businesses in urban or rural areas where broadband is currently inaccessible now have access to high speed internet.
  • With no terrestrial infrastructure that can be compromised, BizSat is under no threat of cable and copper theft which makes it an ideal option with regards to security application. BizSat is the ultimate solution for businesses who cannot to have their Internet connectivity down due to power failures.
  • Users are less likely to lose signal or suffer interference as a result of adverse weather conditions than they do with their DSTV satellite television broadcasts.
  • The bandwidth is not subject to any shaping or fair use policies and the entire system is hosted in and delivered out of South Africa, which contributes to the quality of voice and speed of Internet access.


There is a once-off charge for the required hardware of approximately R7 500 (excl VAT) and an installation fee of about R2 500 (excl VAT) depending on the location.

The hardware kit consists of:
• Satellite Dish
• Wireless Router
• Standard Mounting Bracket and Hardware

A 1GB connection costs R850 (excl VAT) per month, which is comparable to the total cost (including line rental, DSL rental and ISP fees) of a basic terrestrial business ADSL service.
A BizSat3GB connection is R1 700 (excl VAT) per month. Additional bandwidth can be purchased at an average of R555 (excl VAT) per GB.

The consumption rate of the data is dependent on the time of day versus the type of data being transported. Additional bandwidth can be purchased atan average of R555.00 per Gb excl vat.


Once an order has been received, installation can occur within 10 working days.