SAP Business One, Anywhere and Any Device

SAP Business One, Anywhere and Any Device 2019-05-15T06:43:23+00:00

Access SAP Business One from Anywhere and Any Device:
Empower your employees with flexibility to access key resources from any location

Does your business have SAP Business One installed? Then you should enable your employees to be able to access it from any device, anywhere. Through this solution from Du Pont, you can use any PC or any device, anywhere in the world to access to your SAP Business One application.

It is a simple solution, but one that is easy and it works!

How does it work?
Du Pont has partnered with EriCom to use their product “AccessNow”. This is high performance HTML5 technology that runs inside the browser. That means you don’t need to install anything on the end user device for them to use it.

“AccessNow” is an ideal solution for medium sized companies that need to provide access to SAP Business One (whether installed on the premises or in the Cloud). It is simple, easy and affordable to maintain as it works through the browser on any device. This enables you to support and maximise use as a BYOD enabler solution.

The browser needs to be HTML5 compatible, but works across Windows, Mac and Linux; as well as iPad/iPhone and Android devices. You need an internet connection and log-in details.

Take a look at the online demo:
Or take a look at the SAP Business One demo:

Key Benefits
• Work anywhere, securely
• Access automated key SAP business functions (financials, operations, HR) from any device at any time
• Switch between computer, mobile and tablet devices
• Facilitates BYOD
• Affordable

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