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You wouldn’t dream of skipping the annual audit for your company; but what about your network?
Are you sure that you are getting the premium bandwidth you are paying for? Is that bandwidth being used properly, or is it abused, resulting in reduced productivity?

Allow Du Pont Telecom to provide a comprehensive audit of your network and provide you with precise information on:

  • Actual bandwidth being provided by your ISP
  • Usage patterns in your organisation
  • Reports on exactly what each user on your network is using the data for, including websites and torrents.

The revolutionary AppNeta network auditing device is easily installed by one of our highly trained engineers and acts as a passive device in your network, not affecting the network in anyway. Du Pont also uses a number of other tools including:

AppNeta: a performance problem identification tool

Identify exactly where performance problems are occurring – whether in the network or the connection to the end user, – and keep your critical web applications running.

PathView: an end-to-end active network performance monitoring tool

A mechanism to easily measure actual network performance, which impacts critical applications and business services. This light-weight solution enables you to continuously measure performance over for Wi-Fi networks to local servers; over VPN networks to remote offices; and over the Internet to Web applications and cloud-based services.

FlowView: an application-aware traffic analysis tool

This tool enables you to analyse network and application traffic with more granularity than traditional network traffic analysis tools. It will enable you to know instantly which critical applications are running on your networks and how they are impacting important end users.

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