Scanner Copiers

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Combination scanner copiers give you the benefits of a scanner and a photocopier on one device.

Combination Scanner Copiers

From desktop models suitable for small businesses to free standing models for medium enterprises, and huge production models for big businesses who do a lot of printing and copying, Du Pont has the office automation equipment to save on space and costs.

Our multifunction devices incorporate both scanning and photocopying functionality with printing capabilities, and even fax functionality to provide multi-purpose office equipment designed to simplify your office procedures.

Full Scanner Capabilities

Scan images and documents to a hard drive or over the network, or scan direct to email and let the scanner send the mail itself once your scan is complete.

Full Copier Capabilities

From single black and white photocopies to large scale colour copies, all our photocopy capable devices can make either black and white or colour copies depending on the model and your business requirements.

Combined with fully functional scanning and printing capabilities, our office automation equipment enables you to consolidate all your document usage and management needs with a single office machine.

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