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Modern offices are moving away from individual machines with a single function to multi-function machines. Most of the products available from Du Pont provide multi- functionality in order to increase efficiency, and reduce running costs for devices essential to today’s business world.

Combination Printer Scanners

We have a wide range of printer scanners that allow you to print documents, scan images or documents to a drive or directly to email. Saving time and money.

Many of our products include a photocopier functions too. With options that include flat-bed scanners with laser printing in both colour and black and white, we can help you find the ideal printer scanner combination.

Save On Printing Costs

Reduce your office printing costs significantly by using the right printer. Our experienced consultants can help you choose the printing solution that’s right for your business, to make a long term saving even while simultaneously updating your equipment.

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From combination printer scanners and copiers for small businesses, to production printing solutions for big businesses with high print volumes, contact us to find the right equipment for your office needs.