Neotel Uncapped Offerings to WiMax Consumers

South Africa’s Neotel (Pty) Ltd. is the second national telecommunications operator next to Telkom and South Africans are really enjoying the fact that they now have a choice of their telecommunication offerings. When it comes to uncapped offerings, Neotel has two fantastic consumer products. The one is the Neotel Uncapped Wimax products which come in the form of NeoFlex, and WiMax Lite with their uncapped data speeds of 512kbps and 1Mbps.

Both of these fantastic services come with a once off installation fee and have usage limits of 120GB on the 1Mbps products and 60GB on the other 512kbps service. Consumers love the choices they can now make when compared to the Telkom products. Neotel’s products are competing directly with the likes of Telkom ADSL offerings because they also offer uncapped usage on some of their packages. Both of the Neotel uncapped internet service offerings are provided to their customers on twelve month contracts.

High hassle-free speeds without being capped

The NeoFlex WiMax Lite service from Neotel offers customers fantastic service in that they have access to really high speed and hassle free internet connections and without having to worry about any out-of-bundle charges or even being capped midway through a month when they are least expecting it. With the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading gives Neotel uncapped ADSL customers the freedom of managing their own internet requirements. And because Neotel is becoming so popular in South Africa with huge numbers of people buying Neotel products, the organisation is determined to continue focusing on its job of improving their customer’s experiences. They are completely committed to offering the best in high-quality internet services and all at affordable prices to their customer.

Get your uncapped services from all the major cities in South Africa

Today, Neotel provides a wide range of value added services to their customers in the form of voice, internet and data services for businesses, network operators and providers as well as consumers. Neotel’s uncapped products and other packages are available in most of the top cities of South which includes Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth. With the welcome arrival of Neotel, South Africans have seen much more competitive pricing in the telecommunications area, finally giving people the choice of their telecommunication offerings. Neotel offers customers two main landline solutions. They have their NeoConnect Light for voice, SMS and basic internet and they have their NeoConnect Prime which offers a phone with very high capacity, high speed internet access, voice and SMS. NeoConnect Prime comes in a variety of options, it all depends on how much data you are after, but it is available in 99, 1GB, 2.5GB and 5GB variations, all priced respectively.

Neotel Uncapped connections without permanent upgrades

Neotel also have their DialToSave option which offers cheaper international calls from the United Kingdom to any country across the globe. For many South Africans with relatives in the United Kingdom, this service is very popular in South Africa because it keeps family connected at much cheaper rates as well. The increased speed on Neotel’s uncapped connection, plus the per hour fee structures is giving Neotel customers the ability to manage any maximum possible demands in their businesses without the need to permanently upgrade their whole service.

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