Neotel Phones: Cheaper Than Ever Rates

Many people in the office dream of finding a cell phone plan that would be so cheap that you could make calls any time of day. That you could just get rid of the phone on your desk and receive all the calls placed to your landline number on your cell phone.

You could receive those calls directed towards your landline number not even being tethered to your desk. With Neotel phones it has become possible to do that just that. Calls that would normally cost a small fortune can now be only a fraction of normal cell phone call cost.

Get Neosmart Neotel phones

It could happen and the reason would be that Neotel has unveiled a new market strategy. They have introduced the new NeoSmart phone service, quite a big deal for many users. The Neosmart phone works along with a certain HTC smartphones. This phone – an HTC Desire – is an android smartphone provided by Neotel. Neotel provides access to both the CDMA network and the normal GSM network. So you get not only one device but two separate networks, in fact separate network technologies.

With this technology, and regular landline prices on calls, it is extremely appealing for users. There’s also data, as well as an SMS package, all bundled in together. This means you can text as well as use data from the Neotel fixed-mobile landline phones. The Neotel smartphones have WiFi hotspots also built in, and this is a very useful as a backup internet connection too. It could even be your primary internet connection if you are not online a lot. And the real perk is the ability to be mobile in a given geographical area.

You might be wondering what the big deal is? You run your business on your cell phone in any case, right? But unless you are on a deal where you are getting a 99c per minute, you are paying way too much for your calls. And there really is something about reaching a business on a landline number. It comes across more business like, more serious. With the dual-network approach where you pop your current SIM card into the phone will mean that you are reachable outside of Neotel’s coverage area and you will only have one phone with you.

One cheap phone

This deal from Neotel makes a lot of sense for small businesses because the Neotel Phones’ FreeCallZone allows you to have a group of users on your NeoSmart phone – and calls between them are free and unlimited! Mobile networks are launching the closed-user group type of offerings, but the calls heavily discounted but not free which means that you can now throw away your old switchboard and get rid of the phones on your desks. In a tough economy, you will notice the difference.

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