Neotel Packages Reduce Business Costs

Neotel is South Africa’s first converged telecommunication network operator that aims to reduce business costs for their consumers. They aim to reduce business telephony costs by enhancing the operating efficiencies of companies. Neotel offers advanced communication technology and their various Neotel packages.

Neotel strive to provide a whole range of value-added service such as voice and data to business owners as well as wholesale network operators which means consumers get to use their IP Next Generation Network. A high performing fibre optic backbone serves as the core of Neotel internet.

Packages that keep business ahead of the pack at lower costs

As a local service provider, the Neotel packages and products offered to their consumers, are quite exceptional. In fact, one of them has been awarded the Product of the Year Award, received at a ceremony in Johannesburg recently. This wonderful piece of technology is called the NeoConnect Lite, one of Neotel’s voice products. With this particular product category, were a group of contenders who were also invited to submit their latest packages and products.

They had to provide supporting documentation and explain all the levels that brought about the innovation of the product that they were submitting. There was a whole jury of experts who selected the best technologies and the finalists who were selected came from a variety of industries such as the manufacturing industries as well as the marketing and medial industries. The particular winners were chosen from factors based on a national customer survey. A.C. Nielsen which is a global research company conducted this national customer survey.

Customer satisfaction with Neotel packages

According to Neotel, their NeoConnect Lite package has been able to generate customer satisfaction by simply being so affordable and accessible to users. The Neotel organisation has been extremely satisfied and impressed to have their NeoConnectLite product announced Product of the Year, believing fully and standing behind their home phone which is able to offer features such as crystal clear voice sound, very easy connection and even more wonderful, no installation is required.

Getting value for your money

You are able to get Neotel’s NeoConnect Lite voice product in one of two Neotel packages. The first package allows a customer to buy their phone upfront and then they pay a monthly service fee for the phone. The second package that Neotel offers is a monthly fee, giving its customers about a thousand free Neotel phone to Neotel phone minutes plus they get two hundred free SMS messages. All this comes with no upfront payments.

The free minutes are applicable for national, regional and local calls. What Neotel does for its consumers is connect to all the major centres in South Africa as well as to the rest of the world. It is able to directly link South Africa to TATA Communications global Tier 1 network, offering their satisfied customers a whole lot of fresh thinking, creative approaches and solutions for all of South Africa’s communication needs; in other words, value for money.

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