Neotel Internet For Speed And Reliability

Neotel, a South African company, is the second operator, offering fixed line telecommunications to people and companies in South Africa. Neotel is the first direct telecommunication competitor to Telkom. They offer business and consumer services. Neotel internet services have been available to customers since 2006. They also provide wireless broadband technologies and services like Voip, or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Because we now have a choice between Telkom and Neotel, we can now get competitive price and access to high speed internet. Neotel has uncapped WiMax internet service to offer its customers through products such as NeoFlex WiMax Lite. With this service you get a download speed of up to 512Kbps. Upload speeds are 288Kbps and both the NeoFlex WiMax Lite packages you can get on twelve month contracts.

Neotel constantly looking for improvements for their customers

So what are Neotel internet speeds like? The NeoFlex WiMax Lite service offers customers access to very high speed and hassle free internet. Customers don’t have to worry about unreasonable out-of-bundle charges and neither do they have to worry about being capped already in the middle of the month. Customers have the flexibility to either upgrade or downgrade just by a simple software change giving them the freedom to manage their all their internet requirements. Neotel are totally committed to providing their customers with high-quality internet services at prices that customers find affordable.

When you commence the service with Neotel, they will install the antenna, which is their property and will then remove it when your contract ends. Customers will be responsible for the installation fee. Not only is NeoFlex WiMax Lite a fantastic internet service for Neotel internet customers, but it is also a reliable wireless service. It offers all the benefits that you get with fixed broadband.

NeoInternet – A Neotel Internet solution

The internet is such a vital part of any business operations in our modern world and the fact is that no matter what the size of your business is, no matter how limited your access to the internet is, your use of the internet for your business is crucial to your profitability and its actual long term sustainability.

Neotel is fully aware of businesses dependence on the internet and they have released their NeoInternet product for the South African market to enhance your business through their world class telecommunication offerings. Neotel has built part of the core of internet telecommunication network in South Africa. They have relationships with South Africa’s major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as well as Content Providers and Global Tier 1 Internet Points of Presence (POPs) in cities around the country, such as Johannesburg and Cape Town.

NeoInternet specs

The Neotel internet deals are fantastic for the South African market. They come in the form of premium NeoInternet- offering supreme service any time and NeoFlex Data – which is for customers who use the Internet for basic things like email and browsing, etc. It also offers local and international IP transit of quality, enabling users to communicate locally and internationally. You can find your NeoInternet service in any of the big cities in South Africa; many businesses are using it for top speed and reliability.

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