LCR Solutions

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Least cost routing (LCR)

To reduce your business’ telephone bills, Du Pont Telecom evaluates your telephony usage and, because we are independent, finds the most resourceful and value-adding business solution for you. One method is with our least cost routing solutions.

This means that we route your calls over the best networks, taking advantage of optimum call rates. So, fixed lines are routed on the fixed line network, and cellular calls are routed directly onto the most appropriate cellular network. You save money with the head of least cost routing South Africa – with Du Pont Telecom.

The instant benefits

• Zero subscription costs for your entire telephony solution
• Per-second billing from the first second
• Inter-branch calls can be made without any additional hardware
VOIP, multi-branch and LCR are easy to install
• On-going savings (ROI) from the iGate intelligent routing
• Everything from a telephony manager, hosted telephony to internet telephony in your voice solution