Du Pont provides efficient time and attendance solutions

Du Pont provides efficient time and attendance solutions 2015-04-23T07:01:01+00:00

A suite of Time & Attendance tools

Escalating costs, complex work practices and legislation are driving companies to look for effective workforce management solutions to manage the “Time & Attendance” logging requirements for their staff. Labour costs can make up 20-70% of operational costs. This means it is critical to ensure that productivity is optimised and costs are controlled.

But achieving the right balance between productivity, efficiency and service requires attendance monitoring and regulation compliance. Du Pont Telecom offers the Synerion Workforce Management suite of tools. These tools give you access to comprehensive workforce data to identify trends, budget implications, risks and other employee issues.

Time & Attendance Solutions for Improved Performance

Effectively managing your workforce requires planning, scheduling, time capture, absence and leave management, as well as time and task evaluation, all managed against organizational goals and budget requirements. For Time & Attendance, Du Pont recommends Synerion. Synerion’s software solution supports these business processes and provides companies with valuable data analysis through business intelligence with predefined Key Performance Indicators. This facilitates better planning, improved workforce utilization, increased productivity and greater regulatory compliance.

Synerion Workforce Management (WFM)

The Synerion WFM Suite is a comprehensive solution that includes self-service tools and business intelligence. It maximises staff productivity while minimizing operational costs. From time and attendance, to business performance management, to recruitment, Synerion’s WFM solutions provide your organization with fully integrated, modular platforms to optimize your most valuable resource: your people.

Synerion Time Keeper – Time and Attendance

Synerion’s Time and Attendance system automates and tracks work hours, overtime and tardiness. It takes into account your organization’s specific requirements, including collective agreements, employee pay rules, labour legislation and more. Synerion TimeKeeper provides a single unified view of your workforce, interfacing with most Payroll, HRIS and ERP systems.

Synerion Absence Management

Synerion Absence Management is a powerful planning tool that provides managers with a complete picture of employee absences. It enables planning and managing employee absenteeism so that you can balance employee requests against eligibility for time-off and your organization’s operational staffing needs.

Synerion Time Costing

Synerion Time Costing answers the critical question of “how much did the task, project or activity actually cost?”
The system calculates and analyzes the amount of work hours spent on any specific task or project, to ensure that it can be billed correctly.

Synerion Scheduling

Synerion Scheduling facilitates the planning, setup, monitoring and adjustment of multiple schedules to ensure adequate work coverage, meeting of staffing requirements, and prevention of over- or under-staffing. It allows for scheduling, taking into account the workload, difference between shifts, special events, labour laws, pay rules and more.

About Synerion

Synerion, formerly TimeTECH, is a company specializing in delivering workforce management (WFM) software solutions and services. Synerion provides organizations with comprehensive solutions to effectively plan and manage employee performance and optimize business processes. With over 25 years of workforce management experience,
Synerion has more than 5,500 installations worldwide, tracking over 4,000,000 employees in a wide range of industries.

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