Blackberry Enterprise Server solutions with Du Pont.

Blackberry Enterprise Server solutions with Du Pont. 2019-05-15T06:43:27+00:00

Blackberry Enterprise Server

With an integrated device for both voice and data, BlackBerry is the industry leader in push technology – the solution for any businessperson on the move.
Du Pont takes the Blackberry magic one step further: we offer you all the data bundles available on all three networks. And, to complete our Blackberry service, we also provide a cellular package and the connector devices that your users need.

What this means

As a BlackBerry Alliance Partner, we offer a hosted Blackberry Enterprise Server software solution as well as installation and support on your BlackBerry Server. Our agreement with Blackberry means you have the competitive communication edge.

So, receive email in real-time, wirelessly synchronise your corporate calendar, setup meetings, change your Out of Office message, invite attendees, view their availability and use the company address book to look up employees . All from your Blackberry.

Browse the net, and deal with email attachments from the paim of your hand. Our hosting service makes us a leading provider of the mobile Enterprise server solution.
Becauase BlackBerry is a true Smartphone – with corporate and personal features -the administrator controls what the device is used for.