Neotel Connecting South Africa to the World

Neotel South Africa is a network operator, catering for customers in all sectors, be it the wholesale, business or home needs. They help to reduce costs for their customers in their business dealings by drawing on their advanced technology.

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Neotel ADSL And What It Means To Stay Connected

Neotel ADSL, the supplier of convenient and simple telecommunications With Neotel arriving on the telecommunications scene, South Africa has seen more competitive pricing, allowing people to have a choice in their telecommunication services. Neotel also launched their NeoFlex Data multi-user broadband which is a competitor to that of Telkom’s ADSL. There have been tests conducted on the Telkom ADSL packages over the Neotel unshaped ADSL packages and what was discovered was that the Telkom solution experienced cable theft with ADSL whereas the Neotel solution you just plug in.

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NeoSmart By Neotel

Combine your cell phone and landline into one unit, with broadband data, low cost voice calls and your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

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Neotel Special Offer

Switch to Neotel and get “Business in a Box” from only R1600pm. Read more to get the details on this great special offer.

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