NeoSmart By Neotel

Take advantage of NeoSmart by Neotel, and tap into the ultimate way of doing business. With NeoSmart, a single HTC phone gives you a portable smart landline and mobile phone in one dual-network package.

NeoSmart Includes

  • A Personal Landline Number & Cell Phone In One Unit
  • Broadband Data Services
  • Voice Calls From 17 Cents Per Minute
  • Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot

Use your landline to call at landline rates inside geographical zones, and the same handset as a cell phone. You’ll always be active on both networks, so you’re never out of touch, and your personal Wi-Fi hotspot can connect you with up to 5 devices.

Add the NeoSmart FreeCallZone for only R49 per month, and get unlimited calls to preset numbers.


Contact Du Pont Telecom today to find out more about NeoSmart by Neotel.

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