The Benefits of Access Control Systems

A well-controlled building is a safe building – and the best way to ensure this is by making sure you know exactly who is entering your business premises.

Your office contains a wealth of valuable items, from equipment and valuables to sensitive business information that needs to be kept safe and confidential – and of course, the most valuable asset of all is the safety and wellbeing of the people who work inside.

Precision access control – your best safety assurance

Unlike keys, which can be lost and copied, or physical security staff who may behave unreliably, an automated access control system offers a high level of reliability. By only allowing people onto your premises if they are supposed to be there – and at the times they are supposed to be there – an access control system greatly reduces the chances of unauthorised access.

Another difference between access control systems and traditional security measures like keys is that they can’t easily be bypassed. Consider this:

  • A stolen key can give access to virtually anyone who happens to find it, exposing your business premises to crime and putting lives at risk.
  • An access control system that is linked to a person’s fingerprints, retina scans or palm vein will only allow that person onto the premises.
  • A full record of authorised users who enter and leave the building is available at any time, with CCTV surveillance providing an easy means of finding out whether a member of your staff has allowed an unauthorised person into your office.
  • Automated access systems also record the time that employees arrive at work and leave at the end of each day, making it easy to calculate overtime and resolve disputes over absenteeism.

Access control gives you peace of mind and solves HR problems

By only allowing authorised employees into your office and knowing exactly when they are at work, you’ll have a safer work environment and ready-to-use data that will make your monthly payroll a breeze.
For more information about the biometric access control systems we offer, or to request a quote, contact us today. Our team is ready to make your business safer and more efficient.


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